The Hospitality Center at Kootenai Health

A gift from Community Cancer Fund


A collaboration between Community Cancer Fund, Kootenai Health and Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Inland Northwest to provide safe, comfortable lodging for adult and pediatric patients receiving medical treatment at Kootenai Health.

  • 20 guest rooms

  • Kitchen facilities

  • Laundry facilities

  • Recreational facilities

  • Shuttle services

  • Pediatric patient support services such as meals, pet therapy, and tutoring


Proud Partners

Community Cancer Fund is proud to partner with KATERRA in the development, design and construction of the hospitality center at Kootenai Health. With leaders whose expertise comes from the most groundbreaking technology, design, manufacturing, and construction companies, KATERRA transforms how buildings and spaces come to life.

frequently asked questionS

What is the hospitality center at Kootenai Health?

The Hospitality Center at Kootenai Health is the result of collaboration between Kootenai Health, Community Cancer Fund (CCF), and Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Inland Northwest (RMHC). It provides overnight accommodations that are low cost for adults and free for pediatric patients and families accessing services at Kootenai. 

The Hospitality Center includes 14 adult rooms and 6 Ronald McDonald House rooms for pediatric patient families. The Hospitality Center provides a home-like setting with kitchen space, laundry facilities, and recreational spaces, in addition to overnight lodging.  Ronald McDonald House guests are also able to enjoy services such as a meal and pet therapy programs.

Located on the northwest corner of the Kootenai Health campus, the Hospitality Center has easy access to walking trails and a shuttle service to take guest to various campus locations. Guests are able to stay at the Hospitality Center free of charge or at a greatly reduced rate.

What inspired this project?

This project was inspired by a shared desire between Kootenai Health, CCF and RMHC to ensure access to care and provide outstanding support services for patients and families from around the Inland Northwest.  

Kootenai Health has experienced significant overall growth in the last five years. That has included a new Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, an expanded Family Birth Center, and enhanced services for pediatric, cancer, cardiovascular, orthopedic and neurosurgery patients.  As Kootenai Health has expanded services, the hospital has seen a dramatic increase in patients seeking treatment from outside Kootenai County. This has caused the hospital to consider how to address the complex needs of out-of-town patients.

For many years patients and their families have had access to lodging at the Walden House, an eight-bedroom home located on Kootenai’s campus. The need for overnight lodging continues to grow and the Walden House has limited capacity and accessibility.  When Kootenai began exploring additional lodging options, they connected with the CCF, a local non-profit organization that has seen unprecedented fundraising success in its first three years. These two organizations began exploring a collaborative effort to build a new lodging facility for adult and pediatric patients and their families. RMHC joined their efforts, providing additional expertise in hospitality and family support services.

What is the demand for this project?

With Kootenai Health’s growth in services, total revenue has been steadily increasing over the past five years from $323 million in 2012 to a projected $491 million in 2017. Hospital emergency department visits have also grown 10 percent during this time. Additionally one third of all patients seen at Kootenai Health are from outside Kootenai County. The need for accessible, affordable patient lodging has never been greater.

The demand for a Ronald McDonald House at Kootenai Health stems from the recent expansion of its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as well as expanding pediatric services. Kootenai significantly expanded its NICU in 2016 to include 12 private NICU Rooms. Two of these rooms can accommodate twins, so the unit can accommodate 14 babies. The addition of the new space and technology increased its classification to Level III, meaning it can treat babies born as early as 28 weeks gestation and babies weighing only 1000 grams. These babies are often in the NICU for an extended time after their delivery. The Ronald McDonald House will provide a free place where families can stay  together and be close to their baby or child.

Who funded the project?

Community Cancer Fund, with support from Kootenai Health and the Kootenai Health Foundation will fund the construction of the hospitality center.  The hospitality center will be built by Katerra, an architecture and engineering firm known for its utilization of groundbreaking technology, design, manufacturing and construction that transforms how buildings and spaces come to life. This will be the signature project of CCF until construction is complete, at which time CCF will gift the facility to Kootenai Health.

Working alongside Kootenai Health, RMHC will be involved in all aspects of the design of the hospitality center, bringing its expertise in creating safe, comfortable, home-like accommodations. Upon completion, RMHC will manage the hospitality center and be in charge of ongoing operational expenses, with significant support from Kootenai.  

What will happen to the existing Walden House?

There is a tremendous legacy of the Walden family to be honored in this project. In the new hospitality center, the adult portion will still be called the Walden House.   The history, mission and story of the Walden family and the Walden House will be prominently displayed in the new facility. The current Walden House building will be sold and removed to allow continued growth and development of the medical office campus to meet the needs of our patients and community.

What is the relationship between Kootenai Health, the Community Cancer Fund and Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Inland Northwest?

Kootenai Health, CCF and RMHC all share a desire to collaborate in order to best serve the complex needs of patients from around the Inland Northwest being treated at Kootenai, while also making the best use of the region’s resources.

Kootenai, CCF, and RMHC have a history of joining together to serve the needs of individuals seeking medical care in the Inland Northwest. In 2016,  CCF provided the resources for RMHC to renovate six apartment units on the Shriners Hospitals for Children’s campus for families receiving services from Shriners or the Ronald McDonald House. Earlier this year, RMHC opened a Ronald McDonald Family Room in the Kootenai Health NICU to provide a place of rest and respite for NICU families. Community Cancer Fund also has a history of collaboration with Kootenai Health in support of the Walden House. CCF has also made generous contributions to the Kootenai Health Foundation’s cancer patient support fund, which provides financial assistance to help cancer patients with transportation, medication and other critical needs. This collaboration demonstrates a continued commitment to work together to advance healthcare in the Inland Northwest. 

Will this hospitality center only be open to cancer patients and their families?

No, the hospitality center will be available to all Kootenai Health patients and families who are in need of close, affordable overnight lodging. 

What about the Spokane expansion of the Ronald McDonald House?

RMHC remains committed to serving more families at the Spokane Ronald McDonald House, which is why the collaborative nature of this project is so critical. This will allow RMHC to serve additional families from the Inland Northwest without compromising its ability to expand services in Spokane.

If I want to make a donation, where does it go? Who is managing the funds?

Community Cancer Fund is the lead fundraising organization for the hospitality center at Kootenai Health, and will be managing the fundraising efforts and construction funding. Donations may be made at Once the hospitality center construction is completed, Community Cancer Fund will gift the building to Kootenai Health.

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